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How to make a payment


There are lots of ways you can make payments to start to reduce your debt. Pick the one most convenient for you.


The best way to get your account settled quickly is to set up a regular payment, so you’re paying off an agreed amount at the same time every month. This makes it easy to plan ahead and budget your spending.


Payment plans

If you can’t pay off your debt in full immediately, you can set up an affordable repayment plan. Call us on 0800 877 2772 to set up a plan that’s right for you.


Individual payments

You can also make individual payments, for example if you wanted to settle your account completely with a lump sum or just make a one-off payment.

There are a range of payment options available, whether you prefer to pay in person, online or over the phone.


Changing your payment amount or date

If you want to make a change to the payment date or amount of your current payment plan, please call us on

0800 877 2772 from any phone

Questions about your payment plan

To talk to someone about your plan, contact us online or call 0800 877 2772.

Email us

Use our contact us form.
You can tell us if you need an urgent reply.

Call us

Call free from any phone on:
0800 877 2772

We’ll ring you back - tell us when you want us to call and we’ll ring you at a time convenient for you

Fax: 0845 280 1776

Monday-Thursday: 8am - 9pm
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Write to us

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You can find your reference number and password in the top-right corner 
of any letter we send you, if you don't have a letter to hand please contact us.